Green Grass

Found this on quora today, and this actually got me thinking..

Question : When do you know your life has changed?

Answer:  The moment you realize that grass is not greener even on the other side.

And that’s exactly when you start watering grass on your side.

How many times have you thought that the other person has life easy going for them, that God’s ultimate objective is to rain on your parade just when you have discovered the best thing to ever happen to you and this happens, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.!?

I know I have thought on the similar lines a lot, specially when my day goes bad, like today. When things don’t go as per plan, when you realise that you are stuck in a place that you never imagined you would be, being completely blank and lost.

But maybe I need to accept and admit that circumstances aren’t in my control but I still have the choice of choosing how to react, I can probably make a face and hide behind excuses or face problems upfront, for once accept responsibility for failures and put myself in the other person’s shoes to understand their point of view, after all I believe that all of us carry our own burden and fair share of problems, maybe its time to understand others and their actions…


48 thoughts on “Green Grass

  1. Yeah …loved the line…that’s exactly when you start watering the grass on your side ..reminds me of a theory I learnt in Psychology class…Locus of control !

  2. start watering grass on your side….loved this one 🙂 it is difficult to ti understand others actions and motivations for it but yes we can always try..

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