This post is a part of Linda’s stream of consciousness and the theme for this week is, ‘in- Find a word that begins with the prefix “in” or use the word itself anywhere in your post’.

Initially I was going to write about the injustice that is belted out to women in general but then I had a change of heart after a discussion with Pa about the state of affairs of my country.

There are definitely many things that are wrong with my country but what also needs to be understood is that India is a young country, a country which is struggling to keep up with the age old beliefs as well as embrace much needed changes.

Here women are oppressed, without a doubt but then a few decades back, education to women was considered unnecessary and many women were only home makers and never worked in offices, a few more decades earlier there were practices like sati, which is the voluntary or forced burning or burying alive of widows. However slowly as time progressed we did do away with these harmful beliefs, and I have the faith that though it will take a few more decades, we will reach a point as a country where women are treated at par with men.

There are many advantages to being an Indian too, we can go to a really high mountain, have a safari through a really sandy desert, camp out in a really dense forest and chill out on really beautiful beaches.

All this without the need of a Visa!

A few places that are worth visiting are:

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India is a culturally diverse country where languages, beliefs, food and culture changes within a few hundred kilometers. Officially there are 30 languages recognized by the Government of India but unofficially around 780 languages are spoken, also how can one forget the festivities!

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Though with its fair share of follies, India is truly ‘Incredible India! ❤ 😀


61 thoughts on “In-dia

  1. How very true!
    We talk about everything that is wrong about our country, but forget that we are only a 67 year old nation (which is quite young for a country) . We have to believe that things will get better. Not immediately but eventually.

    • True… there is a long way to go, its just that we have been pushed into the race of being a superpower in Asia. Unfortunately we aren’t well equipped to do so immediately…

      Things may start to look up, eventually over time..

  2. Wow, I love those pictures! You ought to be an ambassador for the Indian tourism office 🙂 Yes, every country has its pros and cons, but every country has beauty to offer as well. It’s great to see that sense of appreciation that you have for it.

  3. Thank you for sharing those wonderful sights with us! I was going to ask you if you took all the photos yourself, but then I saw the one from space… You haven’t been to space, have you? Haha!

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