The Chosen One


She sat in silence for a minute and then continued to recollect her horror story.

Merely 15 years old, her life was scarred, with acid.

Of how a man who was brother like, couldn’t take no for an answer.

After all how dare she refuse him?

She spoke of how in the crowded Khan Market one fateful day,

Her face was set on fire for saying no.

How her skin melted and dripped like melting plastic.

How no one came forward to help her.

She questioned herself, why me?

But then she found hope.

The gods albeit a long time ago,

To banish a demon, combined their forces and created an all-powerful warrior.

One magnificent woman with ten hands and blessed her with their special weapons.

They called her “The Chosen One”.

The acid corroded her skin but not her spirit.

She managed to rise, to become a voice for many other victims.

Maybe in this life for bringing hope to many others,

She was crowned “The Chosen One”.

The picture is of an idol of Ma Durga at home, I took the photo on my Ma’s phone.

The text after the image is my tribute to Laxmi, an Acid Attack Survivor. Her story talks about remarkable strength and courage, she continues to raise awareness on acid attacks on other young girls.

Do check out the website of an organization that works for these women –

The video that inspired me to write about this:


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