The dog in my life :P

This post is dedicated to my pet, actually half pet šŸ˜› He is my neighbour’s dog but has been dividing his time between both the families, making him my half pet. He has multiple names, from cherry, appy, happy, robin and manilal and we call him whatever we feel like too! šŸ˜€ The first time that he came into our lives, he was a mere cute cuddly palm and a half! But since then in the past 3 years he has become an intelligent ( the way he fetches things hidden at the toughest places), slightly cranky, extremely short tempered and multi lingual (can understand english, hindi, bengali and telugu!) dog is absolutely amazing!

Being extremely short tempered his best way of showing love to “his people” involves biting them, trust me I have been bitten by him twice and so has everyone else in both the families. Extremely photogenic as well as a bit of a coward ( shivers to the bone when he listens to fire crackers burst or when you shout gun out loud). Super possessive about a few people and pampered dog whose whims and fancies are instantly tendered to. But still the best part about him is that when I’m upset, I just need to sit and talk to him, though he doesn’t understand most of what I say, he always lends a sympathetic ear and parks himself in front of me and gets me to play fetch with him by constantly patting me with his paw till I don’t budge, but despite all this, I love him to bits!

A few of his pictures:

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44 thoughts on “The dog in my life :P

  1. Awww… He is so cute. Poor baby, is hurt by the noise, not a coward. Dogs are many times more sensitive to sound than humans. I love that picture of him with paper and pencil the best, and also the tube-light bathing. Lol, that’s funny.

    • Haha šŸ˜€ yeah I know…but if any one of us screams gun he goes scampering for cover, extremely unfriendly dog though but immensely adorable! šŸ˜€ ā¤
      I love the wind in my fur photo the best! šŸ˜€

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