Social ironies of India

This post is a part of Linda’s stream of consciousness. Normally I would write on the theme for this week, “element” but I have decided to do something a bit different with it by using multiple elements out of ‘water, air, fire and earth’. After all a picture speaks a thousand words πŸ˜›

Somehow the link feature isn’t working on my blog πŸ˜₯ so will post the link to Linda’s post in the comments…do check out the other great entries!


1) The almost deranged crazy obsession that we Indians have with respect to weddings and treating our daughters as liabilities that need to be disposed off

2) The terrorist attacks and blasts that take place which politicians shamelessly exploit to change a tragic incident into vote bank politics.


3) The picture quote is self explanatory, no other comments required.



Though traditionally water is taken as drinking fluid, this is a take on the bodily fluids as well.


There is a positive side to usage of water too, a project called “Jal Jyoti” which uses the concept of bottled light to provide light to the various slums in Mumbai that have been plunged into darkness because of the lack of electricity, income and space.

So what is thisβ€˜Bottled-Light’?Β Β It is just a 1.25 litre PET bottle filled with water and about 10 ml of bleach, the sole purpose of which is to prevent algal growth. A hole is then drilled in the roof of a slum and the bottle is installed – half outside the roof and half inside the house. The sunlight hits the upper half of the bottle and due to β€˜Total Internal Reflection’ disperses the light into the home acting like a 55 watt bulb. Cheap to install and free to run, the Bottled-Light works for 5 years and makes for a sustainable solution for low-income communities.

Due credit to Sanjna Malpani’s entry on the same on Campus Diaries –Β

after_an_installation_at_jogeshwari_with_astitva coke_bottle_malaika how_bright_the_bottle_is jj8 with_initial_liter_of_light_europe_team


1) The food that we derive from Earth, that we put into our bodies are considered to be of lesser importance than the things that we use for luxury or to decorate ourselves with.


2) Because some people will feed cows to obtain good karma and make reservations for a proper next birth but not a hungry child, after all what benefit does one derive from feeding a fellow human!?



42 thoughts on “Social ironies of India

  1. Oh! I did a project on bottle light πŸ™‚ Simple and brilliant!
    The hypocrisy in our society is unfortunately wide-spread, I am not sure if all of us even accept that there is something wrong. For example, the “Kiss of Love” campaign – the true message is getting lost thanks to some circles and media!

    • I know!! It was there in hyderabad and what outrage!? The same thing happened with a rape case at EFLU, a university at Hyderabad where a girl got raped when she went to the boys hostel and instead of taking a constructive step they banned the girls from entering the hostel!? What nonsense!?
      The same thing about allowing girls in the Aligarh Muslim university library, that they would attract boys…the exact comment, if one girl enters then 5 more boys will come in…seriously I don’t understand if they even listen to what they talk!?

  2. The ironies are one too many. I especially don’t understand the need to spend exorbitant amounts of money on weddings. Its a scared union of two beings, why belittle its value with all the extravagance.

  3. So Interesting. I blog once in awhile for a ministry called Gospel For Asia. It’s Christian ministry and missionaries who were born and raised in Asia regions also serve there. I read lots of stories from those missionaries that reflect the ironies you wrote about. Especially about the women who suffer due to the strict rules made by the men! Your pictures really add to your post. I’m coming back for more of your blogging.

    • Thank you πŸ™‚

      There is truly a lot of work to be done in the area of women rights and providing basic amenities to the people of India. The unfortunate part is that here we don’t treat women as equals, rather we don’t treat them as human beings instead they are considered to be liabilities and tradable commodities, which is a pathetic thought to bear.

    • I too wish there was something that I could do, to try to correct all the wrong that has been happening because of the thoughts that have been passed down generations that classify women to be as unequals.

      Truly! The bottled light concept has been used extensively in Brazil, this novel concept is surely going to help the third world countries where access to basic amenities is scarce..

  4. Oh, these contrasts are one of the things I noticed when I first went to India. It’s amazing the contrasts that exist in India, the contradictions that exist side-by-side. πŸ™‚ Excellent post, I’m bookmarking it to show my friends what I’m talking about when I talk about the contrasts of India. πŸ™‚

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