Sensible Advertisements

I have been away from the television for quite a while, courtesy: exams. But now that I’m done with them (atleast for now), I’m left with a lot of free time that I use judicially by parking myself right in front of the television 😛 Some of the sensible ads that I have seen give me the hope that maybe we are moving towards a better future, maybe just that one step towards making a difference.

Boys don’t cry:

Mothers can teach how to play cricket too:

Fathers taking care of kids:

Google, on India-Pakistan:

This one has a background story, my Ma’s best friend is a Pakistani woman, she calls herself more Indian than other Indians 😛 She has been living in India since the past 25 years and suddenly had to leave India due to a visa issue, it was when she went back to Pakistan that she found this on google and immediately forwarded the same to my mother, saying that it reminded of their friendship and brought tears to her eyes.

The stammering comedian:

India’s Swach Bharat Abhiyan, shame the ones who litter:


39 thoughts on “Sensible Advertisements

    • Oh thank you!! 🙂
      The boys don’t cry ad is by far the most sensible as circulating on television now. Glad to know that there is sensible advertisements, however the get fair and get a good job ad and the I will run and jump during periods ads continue to badly irritate me..

  1. these ads are really good! I liked the boys don’t cry clip and the nescafe video. The nescafe video sends a very good story, without over-selling the brand. It’s very, very poignant. The google search one is known in many places, and I loved it when I’d watched it previously. Thank you for this compilation!

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