The best to my friend

I guess this dawned upon me while talking to you yesterday whenΒ you sang a song for me to cheer me up, of how lucky I am to have found you.

I remember the first time we spoke to each other; technically we didn’t speak to each other, maybe noticed. It was in the tenth grade and during social class; I and my best friend were made to shift our seats from one end of the classroom to the other far corner to sit next to you and your silent best friend, as punishment, for being chatter boxes. I remember that you didn’t look up, maybe from the horror of being seated next to your polar opposite or maybe you were shy! πŸ˜›

Within five minutes of being seated next to each other, the thing you did will remain etched in my memory, forever. Though I still tease you about it, you too have to admit that it was the stupidest thing that anyone could do. You pulled out a scale and pencil and divided the desk, into your side and mine and proceeded to hang onto the other far end of the bench with your face dug either into the math and physics books or into the eyes of your best friend. What followed next when my book occupied a minute portion of your space on the desk and the glare that you gave me, was the 20 minute dramatic temper outburst that I had, which no doubt has scarred you for life. We sat next to each other in silence for the next few months and then didn’t talk to each for the next 4 years.

I can still recollect the facebook chat that we had, initially when you pinged my reaction was, who is this? What? Then came why!? We had a very boring conversation as to how you got into one of the premier institutes for your engineering and the ragging scare and we exchanged numbers.

I was going through a bad phase at that point of time and randomly called you up at two in the night, a few months after we first exchanged numbers. You took my call and I just cried and cried and cried and you heard me in silence or you fell asleep, now that I don’t know. But then this continued, we would call each other at ungodly post-midnight hour, at times we would randomly discuss things and at times I would cry my heart out or at times we would sing loudly and endlessly.

Never did I think as to how I could become best friends with a guy whom I never spoke to eight years ago. I’m glad that we exchanged numbers, glad that I called you and cried and since then you have become an indispensable part of my life.

The long night phone calls about our discussions about everything under the sun! The late night jamming sessions, of how different we are as people but surprisingly similar with our tastes in music and almost self-destruct mode of our love lives. Our disagreements about things but the way we respect each other’s opinions and don’t fight with each other. I just realized that we never fought, till date!? 4 years and no fight! That is something truly commendable, keeping in mind the kind of person that I am!

You are always there for my support, I can give you a call at 3 in the night and expect you to receive it and talk to me, to talk sane and give sensible advice, I can tell you my fears without being judged, The long walk on Rock Beach at Pondicherry and requesting the ice cream parlor guy to open up his shop at midnight just because we were in the mood to have ice cream! Our combined love for food, your love for English songs and my inability to understand them, our singing talent πŸ˜› , drunk calls, the way we can figure out whether something is wrong just by listening to each other’s voice, the encouragement and love we have for each other and how can I forget my musical way of asking, studying or not studying? πŸ˜€

I love you and you know it, the best friend that I could ever wish for, someone whom I can shout at or talk sense into, someone whom I can bug or have meaningless conversations with, someone who is probably one of the nicest persons that I have ever met, one who has a heart free of any malice, is sensitive to others problems. Like I always say no number of words will ever be able to do justice to what an amazing person you are! πŸ™‚

Dedicating to you our most favourite song that we always always sing:


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