Be right back…



This will probably be my last post before I head off to study for my exams. I had started this blog purely because I needed an outlet to vent and write whatever I wanted to, but somewhere down the line, this blog turned into something more, almost an integral part of my life.

I’m so glad for that moment of utter madness when I stumbled upon wordpress and started typing arbit stories, the amazing people I have had the opportunity to talk to, the wonderful blogs (especially the food blogs!) that I got to read which helped me know about different people, places and their emotions, almost giving me a peek into their lives, to be able to share their happiness or sorrow and to be able to share some of mine. I can’t put into words about how thankful I am to wordpress and my little blog family.

Though this isn’t a goodbye, I’m going to be gone for a good 3 meet you all in November, (post my exams) and do drop in a message or two if you ever feel like since though I won’t be active, will once in a while check the messages on wordpress.

Till then may all of you lovely readers out there stay awesome and live your life, know that hardships and sorrow are only for a while and when you do have a little time to spare, be a rainbow in someone else’s dark cloud! 🙂

Will miss you all tons!

Much Love! ❤