Never like an Indian Man

I watched this video a day ago on facebook and it has been haunting me ever since.

Its time we started discouraging men people to be “like an Indian man”.



19 thoughts on “Never like an Indian Man

    • I am being nice! The purpose of this video is to make the few good men into many good men. To make people realise that though you may not tease/talk, if you know the amount of disgust you feel when you watch this then the next time some other women faces the same, atleast you can stand up and provide support.

      I would disagree on the some part though. As far as I have seen majority of men are like this and only some of them are nice.

  1. I agree that safety of woman in India is a major issue. However,I’m afraid I have to disagree to this branding of ‘All Indian Men’ as lecherous. Being a woman and having lived in different cities, I have not faced any harassment till now. I have interacted with many men at workplace and outside who are well behaved and mind their own business. The ‘Tapori ism’ displayed in the video and promoted by you as brand ‘ Indian Men’ is straight out of a B grade movie.

    • I would want to share one incident –
      It so happens that the place where I work and the bus stop is quite a distance, so me and my colleague share an auto but since the bus stop has a market next to it, the autowala doesn’t stop right at the bus stop but close by, and ts roughly a two minute walk. One day as we were walking she suddenly turned about and slapped a man, I was shocked and asked what was she doing, meanwhile the man kept arguing that he didn’t do anything wrong.

      This man would have been close to 40 and he pinched her behind. Since he belonged to the local community, a heated argument started and we got away as things started going out of hand.

      She then sat in the bus and started crying, to be noted here that she did retort back but what she told me was that to men who do such things, its a regular thing but for us women since its a one off incident, it hurts more.

      That bus stop had many people both men and women but no one came forward for support, not even to ask what actually happened, the only logic that they used to fight with us was how could she slap an elderly man.

      This is what happens, if you tell that this is tapori language, trust me, I face this atleast 5 times in a day.

      I do not know whether to think that you are fortunate to not have faced this or that I’m unfortunate.

      The very purpose of this video is to make “people” not behave like Indian men. To stand up if you do see things going wrong and to speak up for others.

      By people I mean both men and women because we as women also stand as helpless spectators even when we see things like this happening.

      Unless these incidents don’t make our blood boil, change is not possible.

      • I’m not ignorant nor denying the fact that women in India do not feel safe. I do respect your concern and outrage.
        But why single out ‘All Indian Men’ ? This report slightly old gives a detailed report on safety of women worldwide.
        It’s the mentality and nurturing of men/boys irrespective of country, class that needs to be addressed.
        Please don’t harbor such negative feelings for ‘All Indian Men’. There are many Indian men who have fought for the cause and safety of women and even lost their life.

    • I have never been abroad so I’m not in the right position to comment on the same.
      Though no denying the fact that there are but a ‘few’ good men, the reason I have mentioned never like an Indian man as does the video is because majority of people behave this way.
      Though it would be difficult to single out the good ones, its an urge to change the mentality of ‘Indian men’ in general. And rest assured I’m a feminist but that doesn’t mean that I hate all men. 🙂
      Please do go through the comments on this blog – and do watch this video

  2. Interesting video but I have hard time believing those men in the end were serious in what they were saying –it sounded ridiculous to me (could they seriously think that!?).

    Maybe I have been lucky but I have never had any sexual harassment (not even dirty looks) in India. In other places yes…
    This said, I also understand that being a tourist and living in India is completely different (as in any country!).
    In Latin countries like France where I live men systematically look at women on the street, whistle after her, and I have come to accept it as part of the culture. Well, of course I am not comparing India and France now, and considering the recent rape issues there is an issue there…

    Just some thoughts, not making value judgements! 🙂
    Have a great weekend.

  3. For anyone watching the news, or paying attention to what is happening, a fundamental change needs to take place in India regarding the treatment of women there.

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