Hmm.. what is it that I smell??

From the yeasty warmth of freshly baked bread to the clean, summery haze of lavender flowers, we all have favorite smells we find particularly comforting. What’s yours? rain

I have a very strong sense of smell, something my mother tells that I have picked up from my pet 😛

Here is a list of my favourite smells in no particular order:

1) Petrichor – Undoubtedly not just mine but every one’s favourite.It reminds me that a few things that always spread happiness are priceless and remain the same, no matter what. 🙂

2) Soaps – Specifically margo and mysore sandal soap, they remind me of my grandparents. My grandfather would take bath 3 times a day and he had this unmistakable smell of santoor emancipating from him all the time and my grandma would follow the same too only that instead of santoor it would be margo, which had the smell of neem.

3) Cow dung – I know it sounds weird but my grandparent’s mansion had a cowshed adjacent to it. Whenever I catch the smell of cow dung, I get transported to the time when I would sit in the balcony and let my legs dangle out of the grills while savouring mangoes and enjoying the pre monsoon showers and greenery.

4) Any fragrant lotions/perfumes – My sister had a habit of taking bath in perfume itself! She always smelt ‘Oh-so-wonderful’, though I would get annoyed with her many a times since I can’t stand strong smells but not that she stays away from home, I miss her a lot. ❤

5) Incense sticks – Whenever I find/smell incense stick, be it of any flavour, I remember my Ma. My Ma is a devout, and anytime that I look at God all that I can think of is my Ma. 🙂

6) ‘His’ smell – There is something about ‘his’ smell, raw and untouched by external fragrances. I can’t put it into words, it would be like explaining what water tastes like. Now that he isn’t here at times I pull out a vest that I took from him before he left and indulge my senses in ‘his’ smell. It brings back to me all the memories and leaves me with a warm, fuzzy feeling. ❤

7) Food – I love eating and food, so in general I get tempted whenever I the smell of food comes wafting through my way! 😀

8) Petrol and Nail Polish – I read somewhere long back that it is almost as addictive as drugs, but I can’t help not smelling them! It has an intoxicating element which always pulls me! 😛

9) Arabian Jasmine – This smell takes me back to the bus rides that I had. Most days during the late evenings, flower vendors would travel in the bus with their flowers back to their homes and the smell of these flowers would flood the bus.

10) Cinnamon (Dal-chini) – I had learnt of a facepack that involved honey lime and dalchini and would apply it religiously only to eat it up halfway into the process of applying 😛 It takes me back to a time when I was naive! 🙂


115 thoughts on “Hmm.. what is it that I smell??

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    • Haha 😀 Yeah, I did get that quite a bit however I just can’t seem to make my way around this theme, I did do a write up for my about page but I’m embarassed to say that I couldn’t figure out a way to make it one of the static pages 😛

      I don’t want to change the theme of this blog too because the colours are very soothing 🙂

      Please do give me any way that I can get this sorted out, if you can! 🙂

      • Hey, no worries, I just think that it is always interesting to see who is behind the writing 🙂

        I don’t remember any more how I added mine, but try “dashboard” and then “pages” and then “add a new page”. Sorry I am not much of help –I am pretty useless myself in these things– but you can always contact the support too. They are fast responders.

        PS I don’t think it has anything to do with your theme.. Good luck and let me know when you get it done!!

        PPS Do you live in India? Where?

      • Oh really? I was there 2 yrs ago. I found it so fascinating. It was very polluted (well, we were stupid enough to take a tuk tuk to the old part 😉 so imagine that!!) but we really enjoyed our stay.

        Hyderabad really is a very interesting mixture of old and new, and very different from any other big Indian city I have seen. And biriyanis are delicious 🙂 And AP thalis, too!!

        Do you like it there? Do you come from Hyderabad/AP?

        Eat some good food for me tonight, please, I miss that 🙂

      • Haha 😀 yeah, well the food is definitely influenced by the nizams who ruled, thus giving rise to many spicy delicacies!

        I love it at Hyderabad, though it could do with a few tweaks 😛

        I have been living at Hyderabad since my childhood, yet a Bengali by birth 🙂

        Sure! Today was Id so gorged on Biryani! 😀

      • Wow, interesting! Happy Eid!

        Bengali as from Calcutta? I made a stop there this spring and found the food very interesting, too! Well, I am obsessed with all different kitchens of India, so… 🙂 I love everything I eat in India, the cuisine is so rich. Oh, I miss India now!!!

      • I was there just 3 months ago for one month so have to wait a bit 😉 Even if I love India, I do want to see other places too 🙂

      • One day I am sure you will!
        And do not underestimate the diversity of your country, there is a lot to see. It is like Europe but in one country!

      • Haha 🙂 True, well you do know how the situation is in India and so my parents don’t allow me to travel alone/ to far off places.

        But one day, I will do it, I just want to visit the entire world in my leisure. To just sit back and watch the busy crowd as I laze and wander around in a street is my dream! 🙂

      • Do you travel with your parents? I see that you are not married?

        Are you personally more worried since these recent rape issues…?

        PS What you describe is Paris! Sitting in a cafe for hours watching life and people go by…

      • I’m 22! yeah, not married and still living with my parents 🙂 I made an attempt to travel to 3 different places in the last year with a friend of mine so I did make a start 🙂

        Yeah, though I try to be strong, its the fear that lurks in my heart.

        You are so lucky to be living in one of the most beautiful places in the world! 🙂

      • Ok, at 22 you should just explore the life and the world 🙂

        Where did you go, what are those three places?

        Do you think the attitude of men has changed?

      • Pondicherry/Chennai, Bangalore and Araku Valley (its a hill station close to Hyderabad) 🙂

        I don’t think it ever will, it will take very stringent measures for the attitude to change. More than that, they need to lose their thick skin and start feeling shameful.

      • But do you think there is something that has changed in their attitude, or is it just the social media that has allowed the stories to go out?
        And if yes for the change, then what has brought the change?
        As I commented to your other post, I have never experienced anything negative in India, but again, it is very different visiting and living in a country…

      • There are two sections to the social media, the first is definitely the hypocrites, who have invented terms like ‘feminazis’ and say brainless thinngs that girls should cover up and not go out and stop posting selfies instead of taking karate classes.
        What I ask is for that what a women wears is no reason for any man to rape, secondly if there is a mob/gang of men then no matter how many karate classes you attend, it becomes difficult for these guys also to escape.

        Since I travel by the local transport and can feel men leering and listen to their comments, I’m rather convinced that no change can take place. even the educated ones who post random feminist thoughts also don’t spare a woman when she wears a skirt.

      • Well, I believe you and your feelings, but I know educated Indian men (close friends) and there are good ones out there too! Believe me…. Be vigilant but don’t loose hope completely please.

        A friend used to work in a rape call center and she recently told me that there still is a belief, assumption, that “had she not worn a skirt/something sexy, it would not have happened”. And this is in a highly educated country of Europe!!!!!!! It is sad, but jerks will always be around. It is like those who always create problems to others at work or school. It is sad, yes..

        My theory about Indian rapes is (you can disagree!) is that the rather traditional society has very (too) rapidly changed through Internet and smart phones, giving accept to the (false) western images of life. And since the human mind and mentality changes very slowly, many Indians have not been ready to understand the Internet world, and that it does not correspond the real life… I think access to Internet has made some people crazy with frustration. Probably there are underlying problems, too, like poverty, huge gap between the rich and the poor, and general economic situation that leads once again to frustration and depression…

        Well, just some thoughts!

      • So true, My thoughts completely resonate with yours. Its true that in the last couple of decades women have progressed a lot, from being tied to their kitchen chores to climbing the corporate ladder. Its the inner frustration as well as the gender confusion. Sadly in my society its taught that if a woman works/earns more it is solely because her husband is incapable of providing for her.

        No doubt that men too face their own share of discriminations like not being expressive or the fact that if he takes his wife’s/her parent’s side, he is considered to be henpecked.

        I really hope that in a few years from now, things start to look up..

      • So true, My thoughts completely resonate with yours. Its true that in the last couple of decades women have progressed a lot, from being tied to their kitchen chores to climbing the corporate ladder. Its the inner frustration as well as the gender confusion. Sadly in my society its taught that if a woman works/earns more it is solely because her husband is incapable of providing for her.

        No doubt that men too face their own share of discriminations like not being expressive or the fact that if he takes his wife’s/her parent’s side, he is considered to be henpecked.

      • Oh when I lived in New Zealand in 1990-1991 everyone was shocked when I told that my mother works! They were like “poor mother, why does she have to, doesn’t your father make enough money”. Ok, this was long ago, but still, New Zealand is supposed to be high on the equality statistics!! My parents still laugh about it.

        And you are right about the gender confusion. That is a problem too. But again, mentality changes more slowly than the society… Sadly.

        Btw it must be getting late there? 🙂

      • It was Id today in India, still had office..
        Just want to listen to songs all night long, I have a few days where I refuse to do anything but to indulge myself in all my whims and fancies 🙂

      • Oh which one? Le Zerda Cafe? Yes, that is an old place, full of history and stories. It has a soul.

        Nice! In Hyderabad? I would visit it 🙂

      • I want it to be in a relatively unpolluted place, like in the hills. I had read an article wherein it was given that the customers could pay up for items in the menu that they wouldn’t eat and when a poor/hungry person walks by, he is fed what ever the other person has paid up for.

        I want my cafe too to be modelled on the same idea 🙂

      • A good idea! There are cafes in Europe that have that same concept but with coffee. There is a word for that but I forgot what it is…. You pay for the next one, the one who doesn’t have money.

        I don’t really know the hill stations but I am sure they are lovely!! Is it still raining a lot in Hyderabad by the way?

      • It just started raining, however not full fledged. On some days it rains (drizzles to be precise) all day long, some days the streets are flooded and on the others you feel like summer never left! 😀

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