Laters, baby

Go down the rabbit hole with Alice; play quidditch with Harry Potter; float down the river with Huck Finn… If you could choose three fictional events or adventures to experience yourself, what would they ?

If I could choose any 3 hmm… I’ll start with my fiction fantasies, from the earliest upto the latest.

Harry Potter – 

Any single day! All my childhood I craved to go to hogwarts. I would as a matter of fact I would gladly exchange my entire childhood to be a part of the wizard world. I still remember sobbing because the first time I read harry Potter was when I was 12 and already missed my train and hagrid 😥

I would love to be a fourth to the crowded yet awesome three (harry, hermoine, and ron). Such was the heightened obsession with harry potter that I remember as to how I wailed and howled when sirius black died and my ma thought it was a boy friend trouble and when I told the name she was shocked where had I managed to find a firang 😛 😀 when I told her that it was fiction, she gave me an annoyed look and walked away.

I read harry potter time and again every day in the night, like it was some holy book and would try using the spells(without the wand though) 😀 and address my mum as Molly Weasley 😛
And since I look a bit north-eastern kind (courtesy: my grandma who is from burma), I would get teased all the time that I’m Cho Chang 😥

Me and my sister were crazy potter fans, every once in a week we would play quidditch and would race around the house on the broomsticks and pretend like the table tennis ball was the snitch and lots of times would dump in our mouths (trying to recreate the popular scene) and my mum would start shouting at us when we would act as though we were puking 😛

Oh we( me and my sis) have so many such incidents to our credit.
many a times we would pluck out the thick strands off the brooms and pretend they were our wands. When ma would ask us to pick up things or clean or rooms, we would always use wingardium leviosa and sit peacefully. 😀
When she would question what it was, we would correct her pronunciation aka hermoine granger style and say it is levi-ousa not leviosa! 😛 😀

But if I could choose to be a part of any scene, it would hands down be when Fred and George flew out of Hogwarts leaving Umbridge harassed and annoyed! 😀

harry potter

Pride and Prejudice –

If there was any one whom I was searching since the time I hit puberty, apart from my harry-potter obsession would be Fitzwilliam Darcy. Unimaginably handsome (my imagination at play), snobbish yet gentleman like, rich yet humble, intelligent and witty too, he has an undeniable charm about himself, the likes that can make women go weak in their knees. I would often imagine myself as Elizabeth bennet and my witty exchanges (sometimes not so polite one’s) with Mr. Darcy. My obsession with him could be partly because of the gentleman like behaviour that he portrayed which is a rarity in today’s world.

And of course it was fuelled quite a bit after I read Me and Mr. Darcy – Alexandra Potter


50 shades of grey –

This requires no reason/explanation/definition/ introduction and the likes. just looking at the way he talks ( even if he did say I don’t like coffee, it would still sound like the sweetest melody to my ears) and his mails ( so very sexy!), I’m bordering on an almost deranged and madly in love kind of situation with him. ❤

A few of my favourites, and here the madness begins!!! –

grey imag img1 img2 img3 img4 img5 img6 img7 img8 mail mail1 mail2 mail3




5 thoughts on “Laters, baby

  1. 🙂 I go back and forth on the whole 50 shades thing. Do I like it, do I hate it? I cried ready about Mrs. Robinson. Christian was the product of a sexual predator. Many of my own works have shades of abuse in them and the character always survives, dare I say, learns to love or be loved the right way.

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