I miss you, a lot.

Its mostly during the night time that I pine for you. I imagine that I’m sleeping in your arms with your head resting on my neck and your hands holding and pulling me closer to you so that I’m safely tucked in.

I miss being able to feel your breathe on my skin, the way you run your fingers over my body causing goosebumps. I miss watching you be yourself, your smile, your laugh, your love, your anger, your caring and irritated side as well.

Now nothing gives me goosebumps, nothing makes me feel dizzy like a thousand butterflies in my stomach or my the feeling when my insides go cold and suddenly melt or makes my heart beat faster and louder.

I miss being with you in the same city. I miss being pampered, adored and appreciated by you. I miss your hungry eyes and eager hands while I undress. I miss resting my head on your shoulders listening to your heartbeat. I miss listening to stories while I sleep on your lap. I miss the way you run your fingers through my hair and mess them up.

I miss how you dominate and get assertive with me. I miss those hungry kisses that you gave me while pining me to the door and walls of your house. I miss cooking for you. I miss lazing about with you. I miss those innumerable teas and coffees that we had. I miss drinking with you and getting high.

I miss those dates that we had. I miss wearing your kurta and roaming bottomless. I miss seducing you. I miss the way you take care of me when I’m ill. I miss sitting in silence with you. I miss those incomprehensible English songs that you play. I miss watching you clean the house. I miss sharing your school work.
I miss those car drives. I miss how we fall into each others arms, like two lost pieces of a puzzle when we fight. I miss your soft skin. I miss taking bath at your place with you. I miss that stupid dirty smelling oil of yours. I miss how you were always my knight in shining Armour, rescuing me from trouble.

I miss how you coax me to study. I miss how we couldn’t stay an hour without touching each other. I miss hearing you call my name, the coarse whisper. I miss those kisses and naps.

I miss watching you dress to work. I miss our impromptu sessions. I miss sitting on your lap. I miss crying and sharing all my problems with you. I miss touching you. I miss how you would give me advice. I miss how you can guess whats in my mind just by looking at me.

I miss watching those English serials and movies. I miss the mythology stories. I miss how you always stop me from going home. I miss our Sundays. I miss your cooking. I miss how you look at me.

I miss getting naughty with you. I miss getting drenched in the rain with you.
I miss how you would dry my hair and cut my nails. I miss your Hindi dialogues. I miss the raw smell of your body.

I miss going to your place. I miss that mad dance that we did. I miss those ice creams that you bought me when I wanted to vent. I miss how you tease me, be it my loud voice or my jhaal eating capacity. I miss those ice cubes that we put on each other. I miss the kadha that you made me drink when I wasn’t well. I miss how you tortured me while buying clothes. I miss the dahi puris and chat that we had. I miss those running and karate classes. I miss being with you at school.

I miss how you were always my soundboard. I miss those long late night phone conversations. I miss the time when you were madly mad about marrying me. I miss lying in your arms and talking, those kisses too. I miss the innumerable nick names that we would call each other with.

I miss each and every millisecond that we spent together.

Come back soon. ❤


29 thoughts on “You.

  1. Such wow. Many beauty. Much love.
    Seriously though, that relationship sounds amazing. 🙂 you and your ‘you’ are a lucky couple.

  2. It looks like you have written my story… not only mine, but every lover’s story. I felt as if I was living each and every moment while reading your letter….. It’s amazing… Love to read more like this 🙂

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