An old world charm!

You just inherited a dilapidated, crumbling-down grand mansion in the countryside. Assuming money is no issue, what do you do with it?

This post does have a connection with my life!

My grandpa was the owner of a dilapidated palace and wanted to renovate it but it wasn’t financially feasible. Since I have the opportunity of renovating it without any monetary constraints, I would first start with the flooring and re-do the entire thing in ruby granite with a thick border of black granite.

The entire palace would be whitewashed and the chandeliers would be cleaned and replaced with new lights. The furniture would be minimum and carved out of wood, and table tops and other little decorative items would be in marble and brought down all the way from agra.

The outside lawn which is as barren as a desert would be turned into a mini forest with lots of fruit bearing trees and flowering plants. The verandah looking over the garden would be fitted with a huge kerala styled swing. A little fountain would be placed at the entrance of the palace. The open balconies would be covered with green bamboo verandah blinds.

A small sit out area with an open roof would be constructed within the palace with a little pond like structure where one could dip their feet in the water during summers and watch the splashing of the rain in the pond during rainy season.

Since it is a huge palace and we would be using just a part of it, the other vacant areas would be renovated into – First, a school for the benefit of the children living there because it is majorly a maoist region. Second, a little shelter place would be open for destitute women and children with a huge kitchen which would be open at all times so that no one had to go hungry, and third, would be a small cottage industry as well as a small scale manufacturing unit which would enable to make the women living in that village skilled and financially independent.

The entire area of the palace would be made suitable for rain harvesting along with a community temple that would be constructed within the premises of the palace. Keeping a minimum use of light bulbs, in the evening the palace would be illuminated by moroccan lanterns which would be lit with little diyas thus trying to reduce the consumption of electricity. 🙂


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