Faking it

This post is a part of the 150 word challenge set by amelia at:


The phrase in play here is: Something Old.


Interviewer: Do you have any collectibles of your earlier life, the life before your fame?

She: Yeah, I do have! Give me a minute.


She took a break from the interview and walked down the stairs of her palatial house, where everything was neat, new and beautiful. Entering the watchman’s house, she ransacked his son’s toy box. Finally she found a rugged tattered teddy bear. Examining it with her expert eyes, she plucked out a few strands of its cotton fur from its ears, removed one of its eyes and twisted its nose.

“Perfect! This looks like something old”, she exclaimed.

The little boy watched her with tears in his eyes while his mother looked at her surprised.

She gave him a look, “I will need this only for an hour”, and she replied sternly, walking away leaving him heartbroken amidst the sounds of the sharp clacking of her heels.


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