The Best Company

This post is a part of Linda’s Stream of Consciousness.


“The person who shows the least emotions is the one who controls the relationship.”


I had read this quote way back on facebook, the first thing that struck me was this is crap. However as I tried to find sense in it, so did I understand that it is true!

Just in case you are in a relationship, take a step back and think. Think of the times when you were all whiny/ excited and your better half put his/her stern foot down. What did it result in? Either the thing on which you were so excited about got cancelled or you went with the thing but not before you were glared and almost shouted at for being excited at trivial things. Incase none of the above happened, your partner is right on the brim of breaking out into doing the above two, and hence it becomes of utmost importance that you take note of these!

Every time that I introspect my previous relationships to figure out why I was the one crying and wailing though I wasn’t the one that cheated, I’m flabbergasted at the results.

At times we get too attached (especially women) that we put out all our emotions and feelings in one basket, treat it the only thing worth any priority in our entire life. And surprisingly enough when the relationship ends or when our better halves are busy in their own lives, we find ourselves at a loss of things to do, almost lost. Hence begin the excessive concentration in the relationship which ultimately goes downhill.

Since, I do not have many friends with whom I hang out or text regularly ( I detest whatsapp, facebook chatting, any form of chatting unless it isn’t face to face and really required) and my better half has recently shifted a thousand kilometers away from where I live, I have been trying my best to spend more time with myself.

To either go out alone or watch a movie alone or hog (I love food) or just stare at the fan on the ceiling, I have discovered that I love myself!

All the emotions and feelings which would otherwise be flooded by me in the life of my boyfriend are now being utilized to improve myself, which is a much wiser way.

Afterall you are your best company!  🙂



6 thoughts on “The Best Company

  1. I think there is truth to the quote you start your post off with because when we are emotional, we are at our most vulnerable. It’s much easier to maintain control when that isn’t the case. The problem comes when someone takes advantage of our vulnerability – not a good scenario at all. I’m glad you’ve found ease with your own company. For me it’s a lifesaver to know that I’m happy when I’m alone.
    Thanks very much for your thoughtful post, and for participating in SoCS! 🙂

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