Date an ice cream




You must have heard about reasons as to why to date a book worm, traveler, teacher, singer, dancer, kitchen appliance and the likes. But why hasn’t anyone EVER thought of the perks of dating and ice cream?

Here are the first 5 things that bounce off my head:

  1. It understands- Have you ever tried telling your sad story to a bowl of choco-chip ice-cream? It silently listens to you while not interrupting/judging you and letting you sob in peace. It doesn’t question, ever. It doesn’t ask where you are going, with whom, why and the likes. 🙂
  2. Impromptu dates- You never have to check on its schedule and not dress up for your date.
  3. Different flavors and shapes – Yeah, you will never get bored with just one! Polygamy and multiple dating at its heights! 😉
  4. Never gets jealous – If you combine two ice-creams together and top it up with various condiments like chocolate/raspberry sauce, it never gets jealous! On the contrary it makes sure that you have an ocean of flavors swirling in your mouth. 😉
  5. Let go – You needn’t bother about getting fat eating it because you are dating it itself! 😀


P.S – If you do have any ideas, feel free to put them down in the comments! 😀


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