The War


If you could relive the past week, would you? Would you change anything?


It was a conversation that didn’t last.

Two messages and it was done.

I wish you would have prodded me more,

To know what I was actually saying.

Messages wrongly interpreted and a conversation abruptly ended.


I’m stubborn enough to not budge and so are you.

I feel the distance between us has widened.

The physical distance of a thousand miles has now turned into an emotional one.


It’s been a week since we last spoke,

I miss you and so you know.

I resist the temptation and the itch in my hand,

I try to deter my thoughts but they go back to you.


We have been in our camps way too long,

Nursing our wounds and etching tactics to create new ones.

I would like to call it a truce,

Putting an end to our raging war.


I love you.


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