Foxy!!! :)

What’s the oldest thing you own? (Toys, clothing, twinkies, Grecian urns: anything’s fair game.)

There are lots of old things that I own, considering that my mother is a gatherer. She gathers all our memorabilia be it birthday presents or exam report cards or any squiggly drawing that we had made during our childhood. (We here refers to me and my sister)

The little sketch pen packets that we had got during our childhood are still preserved, intact, never having been used.

My Mother’s philosophy – The day we use it, they would get spoilt and would disappear into thin air, *Poof!*.

Very recently I found them and as expected they had dried, when I did complain, debate, argue talk to my mother about the same, she told me that since she had kept it safe, it was atleast visible. I proceeded to argue with her, but all in vain.

Lesson LearntNever argue with your mother.

The count of old things owned differs from time to time because I have a poor memory, most of my early years would be a blur. However, the one thing that was my prized possession amongst many others (to the extent that I remember) was my foxy! 🙂

It was a little soft toy resembling that of a fox cub, it was my comfort person. I would carry it around everywhere and at times when I did get tired of carrying it, I would clutch its ear in my teeth and let it dangle freely from my mouth. 😛 😀

Since I was terrified of parting with it and would take it along with me in the mud, dragging it on the floor, feeding it and sleeping with it, it got terribly dirty and I caught a dust allergy. My mother coaxed me to give it up, but I wouldn’t budge. She finally had to steal it from me one night and dump it in the washing machine for a wash.

The next morning when I couldn’t find it next to me, I wailed inconsolably. I’m pretty sure that when my parents feared they would go deaf, it was finally presented to me in its damp condition. I suddenly realized that even though I took good care of my toys, I never gave them a bath. So, started the weekly bathing time of all the soft toys and added misery for my mother.

I can only imagine what the people on the road must have been thinking when they would see a line of stuffed animals being dried on the washing line, each of them dangling from their ears only taking the support of the clips that my mother used to hold them in place. 😀

A year back I had cleared out all my soft toys, distributing them amongst the watchman’s and the washer’s kids in my locality.

I just hope foxy stays happy where ever he is and continues to be a part of many happy and fond memories. 🙂


18 thoughts on “Foxy!!! :)

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  2. Sorry but I couldn’t help but laugh about how your parents washed your little stuffy friend because of dust, only to hear you cry and then find themselves in a situation where they had to give it weekly baths! XD

    that’s so sweet too of you to part with your friend to share joy with other kids 🙂

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