Caged in a ring

The weather was pleasant, definitely not the kind for a conversation like this.

It had just rained and the sun ever so slowly peeked out of the clouds to bid good bye, the surroundings were gloriously green and the birds beat a retreat back to their homes.

The steps leading to the ruined forgotten temple, on which we sat, were still damp. It pained me to look at him; we sat there for long, no words said.

I looked at the ring adorning my finger, it danced with the light but not with my soul, I stared at it blank.  I fiddled with it for some time more, like I was buying time; there was no easy way to say this.

I sighed, removed the ring and placed it in his palm. I could see his tempers flare; he clenched his jaw and closed his fist, tight.

“Why?” he asked, his voice meek, and his eyes cold, Anger or Hurt? I didn’t know.

“I can’t go ahead with it, my brain agrees that to marry you would be right, it’s just that my heart isn’t convinced” I explain.

“You were the one who always wanted security and freedom, I have a good job and I’m well settled, you wouldn’t have to work after marriage too!” he declared, happiness evident in his voice like he was making an offer that I couldn’t refuse.

I let out a laugh, the feminist in me beamed.

“Thank you for saying this, now my mind and heart are both convinced” I replied and got up to walk away.

“What?” he asked in confusion and held my arm.

I turned back, peeled away his hand that was clutching my arm.

“Thank you for setting me free; I wanted freedom, but not by being caged to you or your wishes. I will forever be indebted to you, for you have made me realize that I would love to tear the blanket of security that you could provide me, to run with the wolves” I answer.

I walked down the steps, leaving him and his precious ring. For the first time in a really long time, I feel free; I can see a skip in my walk!

“Oh! And best of luck for your bride search” I shout out to him, one last time before I escape into my new found independence.


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