Eat, sleep and do nothing! Yay! :D

You’re at the airport, your flight is delayed for six more hours, and none of your electronic devices is working. How do you pass the time?

Well six hours without technology? No work? No deadlines to meet? Sounds fairly nice! Like my favorite dream come true, apart from the fact that I’m stuck at an unknown city and linguistically challenged. Its been quite a while since I got bored, to be away from the active/ hectic lifestyle, to be steer clear from the clutches of facebook and to let my lethargic skills peak!

First things first, I put my phone on the battery saving mode and shoot out a text to my parents about the delay lest I fail to do so, they will file a missing person report, call all my friends/ acquaintances/ watchman and washer of the building, give a call to scold my boss as to how callous he is and will nag me endlessly for days about how irresponsible I am. Now that this is out of the way, I check the time and put an alarm for five and a half hours later, just incase I go to sleep and miss my flight.

I try to think of ways to kill time, I walk around for a while carrying my oversized rucksack and take a good look at the shops around – book stores, overpriced coffee shops, franchisee of a popular fast-food joint, shops selling clothes and a children’s corner. After roaming around for what seems like an hour I settle down at a strategic place. Not too far away from the coffee shop or the washrooms, a quiet little corner with no wailing babies or overenthusiastic people ready to make conversation. Ah! Bliss already!

Making myself comfortable on the seat, I pick out a romantic novel (yes, I can feel the eyes rolling!) and read it for an hour odd. Out of boredom I put it down and check the time on my phone, 3 hours to go. I yawn, stretch and walk towards the coffee shop for a quick bite, I wander and ponder in making my choices and pass half an hour in the entire process.

Now that my tummy was full and I was thoroughly bored, I place a hand towel on my face and try to nap for an hour. In the remaining one and half hour that I have left, I peacefully check out a few guys; the ones in formals are my favorite, then pilots and air crew and last but not the least the smart casual guys. Oh! And Of course make up imaginary plots regarding their lives or how I must have married atleast 2 of them in my mind, and trying to judge how it would be to date them by observing their mannerisms.

Since I have whiled away five and a half hours successfully, I turn off the alarm, make a visit to the loo, and wait for the announcements while simultaneously hoping and praying that I meet my tall, dark, handsome on the flight. 😉 😀


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