Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Long distance relationships suck  are difficult.
Trivial things jumpstart my memory.
Little things break me down.
I looked at your letter today, safely kept in my cupboard.
Its very sight has made me teary – eyed.

I wish I could hug u or kiss u or touch you.
I’m so desperate, that I’m willing to negotiate.
I’m tired of being strong, looking happy.
Making this distance seem easy-peasy, like no big thing.

Every night before I go to sleep,
I replay some of the lovely moments we shared.
My eyes long to see you,
At a traffic signal or the lane leading to your house.

I feel jealous and miserable when I watch a happy couple,
Or read a romantic book or watch a romantic movie.
At times all I want to do is sleep.
So that I atleast get to touch you in my dreams.
Damn you Skype! So much for technology!

I crave to feel the butterflies in my stomach, the way my hand gets cold or my body tingles,
To feel the warmth of your skin.
Sometimes all I want to do is cry,
Or immerse myself in a tub of chocolate ice cream.

For now, wake me up when December comes.


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