Restart life.

Ever feel like starting your life afresh?

Breaking free from your past?


Be free from the cage of expectations.

Be a nomad or a hippie.

Travel wherever you want to.

Fulfill all the desires of your little heart.

Have a new adventure every day.

Break the shackles of daily life.

Set off for the vacation spot saved as a screensaver on your laptop.

Get lost in a new city and find an interesting way back.

Try seemingly new cuisines whose names you couldn’t pronounce.

Meet the love of your life on a bridge.

Lie idly on the beach watching the sun go down.

Trek atop a mountain to watch the sunrise.

Camp out in a tree house in a jungle or in the vast deserts of Sahara.

Dive into the depths of the sea.

Soar high up in the skies.

Experience the silence of the outer space.

Stand transfixed in a crowd.

Make your senses fell alive, all at once.

Feel butterflies in your stomach, Have cold feet, be excited and thrilled, Get an adrenaline rush.


How wonderful it would be to feel alive again.


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