Once upon a time, in the skies lived the king and queen of clouds, they didn’t have any offspring so they prayed to the wind god for a child. The wind, pleased with their prayers blessed them with one of his daughters, Petrichor.

Petrichor looked bewitching and angelic, she had a special quality, she could entice anyone and everyone with her smell. She smelt wonderful and ambrosial like heaven and all things nice. Her smell was magical; it had the ability of stupefying the senses of people into bliss including those of the trees, plants and animals.

When she was of marriageable age, the king and queen started their search for suitors, many a mighty cloud came to ask her hand but all in vain.

They searched the skies and the earth for men who were gallant and brave, but none of them could woo her. So they gave her the choice of finding her match.

She got down on Earth to look for her suitor; everyone was in love with her but she couldn’t find her prince. One day as she was wandering the Earth, she tripped and fell into a trench. She called for help but none came to her rescue, suddenly she saw that the earth below her feet began to part and raised her to the sky, taking her back to the safety of her home.

She fell in love with the kind gesture of the earth, they would meet every day, sometimes she would come down to him and sometimes he would make the earth rise into mountains as a staircase to meet her.

Finally she decided that she would get married to him and declared it to her parents. Her parents gave their consent; one fine night they got married. The stars decorated the night sky; the moon wore her most shimmering dress, the clouds made snow and Aurora in her honor.

Post their wedding she shifted down to the Earth. Because of her beauty, the clouds in the sky and all the living things on Earth would look at her in awe. They were all in love with her, despite her being married they would always do things to impress her and win her heart.

The Earth turned into a jealous man; he conspired with a witch and cursed Petrichor with a spell. The spell turned her invisible and the Earth kept her with him underground, never to see the light of the day. The King and Queen were furious over this; they tried everything in their power, from causing floods to tornadoes to thunderstorms but the Earth didn’t deter.

Petrichor on the other hand cried all day on her fate. The Earth couldn’t look at his wife be so unhappy, he decided to concede, but the spell couldn’t be reversed. The witch turned round the spell in such a way that though she remained invisible, when the clouds cried, she could be free from his captivity, roam around the Earth and skies for a while and then had to return back to him.

To this day whenever the clouds cry in her memory, Petrichor rises from the Earth and visits and entices them by disseminating her perfume everywhere.


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