The Vows

I looked at my watch, 10.05; he was already 20 minutes late. With every passing second my heart pounded faster. Oh, I was beginning to regret this already.

One look at my parents and I knew that they had the same amount of tension that I had, yet they didn’t let it show. My mother gave me a reassuring smile and continued talking with my father; I presumed she too wanted to distract herself from the ongoing situation.

I held the pleats of my sari and walked down the steps, I chose a spot which was shady and sat down. The heels I wore were killing my feet, such a bad decision in hindsight. On second thoughts why do we get to know that our decision was bad later on? Why can’t it be like the movies? Where every fatal accident/person/incident is marked by a different tune or a song.

My sister looking at my worried face came to me, she put her hand on my shoulder, tried to pacify me, that I was getting worked up for no reason. She explained me that just because he got late, it didn’t mean that he wouldn’t turn up. She tried narrating a few funny incidents of our childhood, but I was in no mood to laugh, I just wanted to be left alone.

I looked at my phone; I had already called him 5 times and messaged him thrice. I locked the screen of my phone and looked at my reflection. Here I was, dressed in a simple yet traditional white and red sari with my shoulder length hair left open, kohl rimmed eyes, a hint of lipstick with a little bindi on my forehead and a pair of jhumkas. Much against my mother’s wishes I had chosen to go simple, initially I had planned to give the sari a toss but had to concede after her emotional blackmail, after all it was my wedding!

I had watched this scene numerous times in movies, where the bride gets left at the altar by her commitment phobic groom. Never had I once imagined that it would happen to me. It was 10.30 now, I was losing patience drastically and fear crept in my mind. I was the quintessential left at the altar girl now, sitting on the steps of the court with our wedding rings and garlands. The only thing left that could make this look like a movie would be rain and a sad song in the background.

All the while in the movie when the bride cried, I would call her a sissy, expect her to get her life back on track, be single and fabulous, fall in love with someone more deserving and try to reassure her that she was better off unmarried. I tried to tell all of this to myself, I failed miserably.

Suddenly it started drizzling; my worst fears had come true. Now almost in tears I thought of the signs that I had to look for. He was more than happy yesterday night, non apprehensive about the wedding, as a matter of fact he suggested we write our own vows too!

I decided that it would be in vain to think of the past, I picked up the last bit of strength I had in me and went to tell my parents that the wedding was off. Atleast I would be able to salvage the few remnants of my self esteem.

Just as I climbed the stairs, I heard his voice, he called out my name loud.

I turned to find him running up the stairs towards me, his parents trailing right behind him. He looked at my face and immediately realized what had gone through my mind.

He gave me a hug and whispered in my ears to add “Not taking tension when my husband is late by an hour” vow to my existing list.


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