The Voice


She looked at the time,  10.15 it read. “7 more hours to go”, she sighed.

At 21, her life had already become monotonous . She checked her emails one by one. All of them seemed to be saying the same thing- reports, reports and more reports. “Why do people need everything in writing”, she moaned and proceeded to jot down the things to do for the day, prioritising them into pre lunch and post lunch tasks. Just as she was about get down to writing the reports her eyes fell on a mail, her eyes widened in excitement, she hadn’t expected such a prompt response.

Please list down the places where you can volunteer, the mail read. She quickly searched the places where they required volunteers on their website and jotted down the places close to her office and immediately shot out a mail. Within seconds they responded, how much time can you dedicate they asked. She made a mental calculation of the time she had free right before she was expected to reach work and replied back. She sat in anticipation, refreshing her mail every few seconds, grinning ear to ear for just no reason! How she was waiting for something in her life to change, any change in routine, anything which made her feel like her life was meant for something more useful than writing reports.

Her thoughts suddenly interrupted by a sound, new mail – the notification read. She quickly scanned the mail, at the bottom was a name and a number, an instruction to call the person mentioned at 3 and the place where she had to report tomorrow morning. She was overjoyed! It was something she had never done before.

All day long she waited for the time to turn 3. She winded up her work by 2.30 and sat staring at the clock waiting for it to turn 3, her heart pounded harder with every passing minute. At 2.55 she picked up her phone and walked into the pantry and drank a glass of water, she sat down on a chair and took deep breaths, she didn’t want to end up fumbling or saying anything stupid out of excitement.

2.59, the time read. “Thats it!  I cant wait for another minute”, she thought. She dialled the number given and waited patiently for the person to pick up and then she heard it.

That Voice.

The conversation hardly lasted for 30 seconds, but that voice.   It stuck to her.

The sound of bells, the smell of the wet earth after it rains, the feeling of warmth when you wrap your body in a blanket on a rainy day, the heat that you steal from a cup of chai on a rainy day, the sight of lush green trees dripping with water against the grey skies, none of it compared to what she felt on just listening to that voice.



Her phone vibrated, she saw his name appear on the screen, she smiled and picked it up.

“Shonaaa!”, he cooed. Her heart did a cartwheel and her insides felt cold for an instant and then melted, the butterflies in her tummy danced. She could feel her cheeks turn pink and hot as she blushed.


It was 1.5 years since she heard his voice,everything between them changed.

They travelled a long way- from being strangers to lovers.


Everything had changed, but still some things never change.


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